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Bringing the Outside In

Home design no longer stops at the walls. A national shift in architectural design is emerging with a more intense focus on incorporating the outdoor landscape environment with the inner design space. Blank walls, once reserved for paintings, pictures, and entertainment centers, are giving way to large window units and double-wide glass doorways that open […]

Sculpting Your Garden

Creating a beautiful garden is truly an art, and some find it similar to sculpting. The dictionary defines sculpting in the following way: “to carve, model or otherwise create a three-dimensional work of art.” In sculpting your garden, you should decide what the key elements are that will define your garden and help turn it […]

Lighting In the Garden

Just as we enjoy how the sunlight plays off the different shapes, textures, and colors at different times of the day, lighting in the garden can add an entirely new dimension of richness, texture, and depth at night. Imagine the warmth of your home extending out into the yard and the magical setting created by […]